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Out of Touch

Review of Out of Touch by Brandon Tietz

If you’re ever going to start something, do it like this!

This novel is a sucker punch to unexpecting, bored readers. Tietz puts his audience in an interesting situation: falling in love with his writing isn’t a choice–it’s a reaction.

He twists your mind and makes a mess of your emotions. Drug scenes have an authenticity that gets you high. Sex is written so well you become aroused. The soul is so lost you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning. And when it’s all over, you’re reborn and wonder what you’ve done with your life.

While reading Out of Touch, you know exactly where you are and what’s coming next–until you turn the page. Only after you’ve finished do you realize how badly you’ve been beaten and used. But you don’t mind; you just want more. So you wait, huddled in your corner, addicted. You wait for Tietz to speak again.

Two crooked thumbs way up!

“She smells expensive…so when I fuck her, it feels a little bit like shoplifting.”

“Everything makes sense when you just don’t care.”

Purchase Out of Touch here.

Or check out some excerpts:   Hush ——- Aidin

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