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“Carousels” Excerpt

A short piece I clipped from my recent short story “Carousels”:

Sal talks so that no one else can hear over the teenagers.  “Ya know, Daniel, you look like my nephew Marco.  He was a good kid.  Was a main man in our business—ya know, selling upholstery.  He was an upholstery salesman.  Anyways, he goes to jail on some bad rap.”  He spreads his hands to emphasize random words.

“Spent five years locked up like a crook.  Anyways, Marco gets out and he’s a Christian reborn or whatever—that isn’t important.  What is important is that he wants nothing to do with us.  Me, his old man, upholstery.”  Ice sickle eyes watch me without blinking.  “I’m gonna be blunt:  he knew too much—about selling upholstery.  So I had to take care of him.  Not me, myself … but I had someone else to take care of him, ya know?”

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